High-Speed Metal Stamping Line with Mechanical Feed

With pallet decoiler and mechanical roll feeder, the line speed reaches 800SPM, a reliable choice for small pitch production, such as metal buttons, short clips, etc.


Applicable Material

Material Type: Cold-Rolled Steel, Pickled Metal Coil, Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper, Aluminum etc.

Yield Strength: ≤245 N/mm2

Tensile Strength: ≤392 N/mm2

Material Thickness: 0.1-2.2 mm

Coil Width: 20-400 mm

Feed Line Structure

Pallet Decoiler

Optional Steel Straightener

Mechanical Roller Feeder

High Speed Pressing Machine

Feed Line Speed

Max. 800 S.P.M.


Reliable choice for small pitch production

Mechanical roller feed line is using to stamping small products in high speed, such as metal buttons, small clips, blades, saw-teeth etc.

The adjustable eccentrics of mechanical roller feeder is mounted on the end of press crankshaft, which achieves high precision and reliable feeding and releasing process. It has a maximum feeding pitch of 200mm.

Economical and practical high speed line

Comparing to the servo feeding or grip feeding, mechanical roll feeding line is an economical and practical choice for high speed production, which has a satisfying coil handling performance and also saves manufacturing cost.

Main Parts & Description

1. Pallet Decoiler

Pallet decoiler is suitable for various kinds of metal coil in thin thickness.HE pallet decoiler is made by welded steel, which is capable of stock 4pcs of 150mm width coil at the same time, which saves coil changing time.It has an induction bar for loop control, and with optional inverter for speed control.

2. Steel Straightener (Option)

Some production lines may require high flatness of the stamped product. In this situation, HE provides a precision straightener for options.

3. Mechanical Roller Feeder

Mechanical roller feeder is driven by press machine crankshaft without electrical connections. Mounted eccentrics on press crankshaft, it has high synchronization with the stamping press, which makes it become a high precision and reliable coil feeder.

4. High-Speed Pressing Machine

The high-speed press machine used in this line is C frame press, from 25tons to 85tons.The press body is made by high intensive cast iron, through natural environment eliminates stress, which enhances machine durability.A forced lubrication system ensures the operation reliability, and the electric control system achieves a high automation operation.