Circle Blanking

In the circle blanking line, HE zigzag coil feeding is used to save cost and improves production efficiency.


Applicable Material

Material Type:Cold-Rolled Steel, Hot-Rolled Steel, Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper, Aluminum etc.

Yield Strength: ≤245 N/mm2

Tensile Strength: ≤392 N/mm2

Material Thickness: 0.1-2.0 mm

Coil Width: 20-1300mm

Feed Line Structure

Uncoiler/ Combined decoiler straightener

Zigzag coil feeder

Stamping Press

Feed Line Speed

16-20m per minute


Zigzag coil feeding to save cost and improves production efficiency

Most of the coil feeders are one-way feeding, which means forward in one direction, quantitative step feeding.After metal strip feeds in one direction by these coil feeder, the edge material left after circle blanking is broad and challenging to reuse. It causes low utilization and massive waste in the metal stamping process.

HE zigzag coil feeder has two-way travel. Based on different circle size, it adjusts the feeding length from the horizontal or vertical direction. The distance of each circle can set in 0.5mm, and each feeding accuracy will keep in 0.08mm, which will save material 7% in each feeding movement.

In the case below, it will save 10% of the material cost.

Main Parts & Description

1. Uncoiler

The most common uncoiler that used in circle blanking line is standard motorized uncoiler.Depends on specific coil weight, HE provides both hydraulic expansion uncoiler and manual expansion uncoiler. For some springy steel, the uncoiler will equip a pneumatic coil hold-down arm.

Combined decoiler straightener (Option)

For the product that has higher straightening request, HE recommends the combined decoiler straightener machine. It has precision straightening performance and also saves workspace.

2. Zigzag Servo Feeder

A touch screen sets all the zigzag parameters, which is easy to learn and operate. After put in the circle diameter and feeding times, the machine will work automatically.