Related Product Services

For better service, HE provides related products in low margins, includes safety barrier fence, safety curtains, lubrication unit, scrap choppers, rubber feet, inspection devices, BDC detecter, and quick die change system.

1. Safety Barrier Fence / Machine Guarding

Safety barrier fence is a shield covering dangerous areas of a machine to prevent contact with body parts, commonly used to mitigate risk.


S2000: 600 mm * 2000mm;700 mm *2000mm;800 mm *2000mm;1000 mm *2000mm S1800: 600 mm * 1800mm;700 mm *1800mm;800 mm *1800mm;1000 mm *1800mm S1500: 1000 mm * 1500mm S1000: 1000 mm * 1000mm

Accessories and installation

Standing Column: 40*40*2 mm standing columns with corresponding install hole positions, firm and strong

Safety Grid: The guard grid design conforms to international standards and guarantees a safe distance of 120mm. Wire diameter: Φ3.5mm; Grid size: 20X60mm.

Buckle: The buckle is used to connect the column and safety grid, which makes safety grid easy to install and withstand high impact strength.

Column Fix Foot: Unique design makes the column more stable and robust, with anchor screw holes

Safety Door: Safety doors can be easily assembled using grid panels and columns, with SICK M18 Inductive proximity sensors for optional.

Security Lock: HE offers simple magnetic type lock, and also industrial high safety type lock. It depends on your equipment safety request, and we have brands such as Euchner, Telemecanique, GuardMaster/Rockwell, Jokab/ABB, Schmersal, Fortress, Pilz, Pizzato, Sick.

Color and Surface
Columns: Traffic Yellow; Grid: Jet Black; Surface Painting: Electrostatic spray painting

2. Lubrication Unit

The oil lubrication system is used to continuously lubricate sheet metal strips to protect stamping dies.


Aluminum alloy structure with lightweight, easy to install, and to adjust.
Fine-tuning design, can control the amount of oil and specify the point to strengthen the oiling, which increases the convenience of work.
It uses high-density wool material, durable, excellent retention, and longer service life than ordinary rubber wheels or sponge materials.
Can be evenly applied on both sides of metal strips, can significantly improve the life of stamping die. Equipped with a filter to clean and recycle the lubricating oil.




Power Supply

AC 220 V

Signal Control Mode

Top dead center signal or other electrical signals

Operating Frequency

Up to 150 times per minute

Compressed air


Tank Capacity

300 ml, 2L, 3L, customized available

Maximum Oil Supply Pressure

2 Mpa

Lubricant Oil

Stamping oil or stretching oil

Lubricating Oil Viscosity Range

10-460 CST


300*400*140 mm


6 kg

Power Consumption

Under 12W

Working Temperature

From -10℃ to 50℃

Environment Humidity

20° RH 85%

3. Scrap Choppers

Scrap choppers are used to cutting waste materials in the stamping process, for easy and safely dispose of scraps, to increase scrap value and also keep the workshop clean.


The stable structure can stand up, with a small size and do not occupy space.
The sharp and high-strength blade is durable with reliable power, quiet silent cutting, and the movable knives can replace at will.
Durable precision gear motor.
Depending on the specific needs of stamping operations, it can adjust the height and slope arbitrarily, suitable for different scrap cutting and collection.
The scraps can be collected by bag hanging or placed in a box for easy sorting.






Coil Width (mm)




Strip Thickness (mm)





400*340*850 mm

450*450*900 mm

450*450*1000 mm

Machine Weight

35 kg

75 kg

85 kg


AC 3P 380V


Customized available

4. Rubber Feet

Anti-vibration rubber feet are an indispensable part of the production line. The rubber foot is placed under the machine equipment to support the mechanical weight. It has the function of shock absorption and support. It will reduce the vibration force transmission, to ensure machining precision and quality, and can also adjust the machine equipment level height.

5. Error-Carrying and Passing Through Inspection Devices

Error-carrying and passing through Inspection Device are a stamping die protection device, which can cooperate with the feeding time and angle of the stamping press to sense the movement of the metal strip through photoelectric sensing. When the stamping product is not removed from the stamping die, the error-carrying and passing through inspection device will send the signal to control of the press stop, to protect the stamping die.


It has multi-functional monitoring: Material end extrusion, Material misdelivery, Finished product discharge, Automatic transfer, Counting, Press machine rotation number monitoring, etc.
There are six groups of detection channels, which can detect the pre-set count and SPM value.
There are five sets of detection functions for each group of channels. In other words, there are 30 combinations of detection functions. Buttons operate the conversion of A and B contacts.
The working condition of each group of channels displays on the panel.
There is another particular auxiliary output (R0 output), which has two kinds of counting production. It controls coil handling equipment when the counter reaches the set value.
Automatic memory function




Detection Amplitude

150 mm

Minimum Detection

Φ2mm ( setting distance 0.5m) Opaque

Detection Distance

500 mm

Supply Voltage

DV 12V-24V (±10%)

Power Consumption

Under 60MA

Sensitivity Adjustment

Under 20ms

Reaction Speed

Under 1ms

Cable Length

2.5 m


W 40mm * L 210mm * H 180mm


1.5 kgs

6. Safety Light Curtains

Safety light curtains emit infrared rays to generates a protective grating. When the curtain is blocked, the device emits a shading signal to control the potentially dangerous mechanical equipment to stop working, thereby reducing the possibility of injury and effectively protecting the safety of the operator.


High performance and high reliability: The minimum detection capability is 10mm in diameter or even smaller to achieve high performance and high-reliability detection.
Work improvement: The device uses a non-contact infrared sensor; the operation is effortless, and do not affect work efficiency.
Simple installation and adjustment: The reflective sensor is easy to set, and the height and angle of the device are easy to adjust by a dedicated bracket.
Rapid response: The detection method uses the most advanced electronic circuit; the detection response speed is breakneck, only 20ms or even lower.
Power-off protection: In case of any emergency, such as power cut-off, power switch, line obstacles, etc., safety is in the primary consideration.




Insulation Time

Under 20ms

Insulation Resistance


Dielectric Strength


Anti-light Interference Capacity

10,000 Lux (Incident angle 5°)

Output Relay Life

2,000,000 times (Replaceable)


0-3000 mm


0-2000 mm (customized available)

Optical Axis Distance

20 mm

Power Supply

380/220/110V A.C., 50/60Hz

Output Contact Capacity

AC380V, 5A

Power Consumption

Under 12W

Working Temperature

From -10℃ to 50℃

Environment Humidity

20° RH 85%

7. Bottom Dead Center BDC Detecter


Automatic control detects high-precision die stamping process, reduces non-performing rate.Single type and double point type for optionalThe monitoring precision setting range is from ±1um to ±99um.

Product damage, abnormal material thickness, overlap stamped parts, and scraps left in mold dies are challenging to detect visually in the automatic stamping process. The bottom dead center detector detects automatically and stops the machine in time, to prevent the dies from being damaged, effectively improving product quality and punching quality.




Sensing Dimension

W30mm * H8mm * D20mm

Sensing Length

50 mm

Cable Length


Sensor Setting Distance

0.8 mm - 1.2 mm


2000 S.P.M.


SD-401 1PC, SD-401 2PCS

Working Temperature

From 0℃ to 50℃


2.4 kgs

Power Supply

220V 50/60Hz ± 10%


W105mm * H140mm * D185mm