Research and Development

HongEr commits to provide customized coil feeding solution according to each customer’s specific metalworking process. With experienced technical team and continuous researching investment, HE is capable to offer coil handling solutions that meet higher international standards.

Customized Coil Feeding Solution

Each metal stamped product has its manufacturing process, which leads to different coil handling equipment for various production lines. From small stamping plants to large manufacturing groups, the requirements for the machine are not the same.From servo feeder to large-scale coil feeding lines, our technical team can always provide the most suitable solution according to the actual production situation of the customer.

High Strength Steel Coil Handling

Under the rapid development of the automobile industry, the demand for high-strength steel stamping is also rising rapidly. HE research and development capabilities enable our coil handling equipment to handle various types of high-strength steel metal coil processing easily. He provides a unique mechanical structure design according to different materials and production demands. Our servo coil feeding line can process high strength steel thickness up to 9.0mm and width up to 1800mm.

Production Line Optimization

Many companies have the problem of improving the productivity of multi-step processes, and line optimization is a high return investment. HE provides upgrades for a wide range of coil handling solutions and offers all stage service for our customers all around the world, from site planning, equipment upgrades to saving production resources. If you want to face the challenges and win the competition, you must maximize the efficiency of the equipment and ensure the most efficient production process.

Standard Process

HE has a standard technical confirmation process for each customized coil handling solution. From understanding the needs in the early stage to project feasibility assessment, HE stays close communication with the customer. From an initial plan to professional discussion review and confirmation, HE keeps updates for each step, and offer official document record for any future traceability.

Professional Technical Team

17 Years of Industry Experience

From a small maintenance shop to a leading Chinese coil handling brand, HE has been in coil handling industry for 17 years. At the first beginning, we had only three technicians, now our R&D team has 20 engineers, with two senior engineers in this industry.

10% Profit Investment

R&D investment is an essential source of technological progress and innovation activities in manufacturing companies. HE spends 10% of the annual profit on product research and development, keeps learning the methods and experience from world-leading brands, cultivate the technical team's ability to Independent innovate.

University Cooperation

Higher education institutes play an important role in innovation as they provide new knowledge and raise young talents.

HE has a long-term strategic partnership with local universities in Guangdong province. Strategic focus areas of the cooperation between HE and the universities include developing new coil handling system with more functional and more applicability.

Continuous Researching

After years of accumulated technical experience, our engineers are at the forefront of domestic coil handling equipment development, but the pace of innovation has never stopped.

12mm HSS Coil Feeding Line

In high-strength steel handling field for the automotive industry, HE coil feed line can process HSS thickness up to 12mm. HE high strength coil feed line is fully functional, with automatic centering, no manual operation needed during the whole coil loading process. With our self-developed software program and world-leading brands controller hardware, the coil feed line is capable of intelligent straightening value adjustment.

85SPM Transfer Robots

Recently, HE has entered into the transfer robots industry, with new products released in 2019. The transfer robots have 85SPM transfer speed.

54m/min Servo Feeder

In high-speed coil handling field, HE now introduces high-speed servo feeders with feeding speed up to 54m/min.