Unique coil threading device for dual direction uncoiling

It is a coil feeding line that implements a unique coil threading device for dual direction uncoiling. When uncoiling direction is counterclockwise, the material head will go up when reaching the straightener and needs threading arm to hold down. And when the uncoiling direction is clockwise, the material head will go down and need support arm to hold-up. This unique coil threading device can clamp the material head from both directions and feed material into the straightener part easily.

Features & Benefits

Unique coil threading device achieves dual-direction uncoiling
Two groups coil guide rollers with air cylinder drive to locate the coil
Smooth uncoiling with air cylinder drive coil hold-down arm
Easy threading with an independent coil support arm
Hydraulic shearing unit
Adjustable coil outlet support rack
Safety operation by a highly integrated automatic control system


Model: GLK3-400F
Applicable Coil Width: 400mm
Material Thickness: 0.5mm to 4.5mm
Loading Capacity: 5ton
Straightener Rollers: 7pcs of Gcr15 straightening rollers, with hardness HRC60
Uncoiling Direction: Counterclockwise and Clockwise