Decoiler Straightener Feeder for springy material

It is a customized decoiler straightener feeder for springy material. The pneumatic coil hold-down arm equips with motorized PU wheel to add pressure on the coil surface, to prevent coil rebounding. And the decoiler part has two groups of coil guide rolls to locate the coil for safety threading.


Hydraulic coil loading car with wear resistance surface
Air cylinder drive coil pressing arm with motorized PU wheel
Two groups of coil guide rollers for smooth threading
Air cylinder drive coil support arm
Electric straightening roller gap adjustment
Automatic lubrication unit
Tail-out support bracket


Model: GLK3-400F
Applicable coil width: 70mm to 400mm
Material Thickness: 0.5mm to 4.5mm
Straightening Rollers: 7pcs rollers in 68mm diameter
Loading Capacity: 5ton