The advantages of decoiler straightener feeder, compact coil feeding line
Different types for a wide range of coil feeding applications

is divided according to the thickness of the coil material. 

The GLK2 series decoiler straightener feeder is suitable for the automatic production of 0.3-3.2mm thick sheet material. The main
industry applications
are precision stampings such as computers, monitors, printers, air conditioners, set-top boxes, etc.

The GLK3 series decoiler straightener feeder is suitable for automated production of 0.6-4.5mm thick medium materials, mainly used in electrical parts, auto parts, ceiling punching, motor stator-rotor stamping processing, and other medium plate stampings.

The GLK4 series decoiler straightener feeder is applicable for 1.0-6.0mm thick plate material automatic production, mainly used for shelf punching, brake pad stamping, caster metal stamping, and other thick sheet material stamping occasion.

Automated operation, saving labor

can be automatic during operation. Still, it needs manually carry out a series of processes such as coil threading, separately adjusting, refueling, etc., It does not achieve real automated production.

And the GLK series decoiler straightener feeder is a coil handling system that realizes full automatic operation. The coil loading, threading, leveling, feeding, and refueling are all completed by one person on the independent console. It saves labor and reduces labor intensity. Using a computer NC control system, and user-friendly design is suitable for the processing of various sheet metal coils.

The compact structure saves the workspace

The loop-type stamping production line needs to reserve the coil loop area between the machine and the machine, especially the medium thickness materials, often requirements about 10 meters, some even need to dig a pit on the ground. 

The GLK series decoiler straightener feeder integrates the three parts into one, the structure is compact, and the workspace is reduced by more than half compared with the loop-type line. When fully utilize the plant space, operators will have sufficient operating areas and ensures the stamping process safety.

Precision straightening performance and high feeding accuracy

The loop-type coil feeding line is consisting of a single decoiler machine, straightener machine, and coil feeder. Entirely three separate equipment, each part has a separate inverter for the operation and speed control, which can not be adequately synchronized, eventually will affecting the leveling and feeding accuracy more or less.

The GLK series decoiler straightener feeder
integrates the uncoiler, straightener, and feeder into one machine. It's matched with complete synchronization, the photoelectric sensor control system, and adopts the advanced worm gear adjusting straightener, which indeed ensures high-quality performance.

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