Why is the pneumatic system inspection necessary for the decoiler straightener feeder machine?
machine needs the supply of electricity and gas to drive the power to run, so the positioning and installation of the electrical and gas route of the whole machine are essential. 

If the quality of the pneumatic components and other accessories is not up to standard, or incorrect installation, will cause leakage, and the entire automatic feeding press line will be affected. 

As a professional
coil feeding equipment manufacturer
, HongEr has strict inspection standards. And also, our customers need to check the electrical pneumatic system of the decoiler straightener feeder during daily operation to ensure the stability of the overall equipment.

HongEr conducts repeated tests and rigorous inspection work. Our quality inspectors will test the connected gas path, fix the connected gas line, connect the detection device, turn off the gas source after the ventilation reaches an absolute pressure, check the pressure change, and control the pressure drop within the specified time. Within the required range, it can confirm the sealability arrival standard.

In addition to the above, our quality inspectors also need to check the air sealing performance. The experimental object is an independent two-chamber air. Because the welding parts may leak due to poor weld quality, the innovative method is to seal with a joint and then ventilated for a pressure test, within a specified time pressure drop control within the scope of the demanded requirements. It can be considered that the seal is qualified.

These detections of the decoiler straightener feeder machine are significant in the quality control process
, which can ensure the quality of the gas path and achieves better coil feeding performance.

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