How to deal with the uncoiler machine failure (Troubleshooting of hydraulic uncoiler machine)
How to deal with the uncoiler machine failure
If the uncoiler machine is abnormal during the operation, stop the process immediately and check it. Please investigate the reasons, adjust, and repair according to the necessity, prevent troubles before they occur. If the uncoiler continues to operate under abnormal conditions, serious malfunctions or injury may occur. If the equipment is faulty and the cause of the fault is clear, and the actual adjustment and repair can be made, please make appropriate repairs. If the cause of the malfunction is not clear and the repair is confusing, please inform our after-sales service. If you need to change the control program of the equipment or need to adjust or repair the program controller, please contact us firstly.
Error code and handling
When the uncoiler machine fails, the buzzer will make a sound. The following are the possible conditions and solutions for alarms:

1. Emergency Stop!
This message is displayed after the emergency stop button is pressed down, indicating that the machine is in an emergency stop state.
In this situation, please release the emergency stop button.

2. Inverter Abnormal
This alarm occurs when the motor is overloaded or when the inverter is abnormal.
In this situation, please power off and restart, if there is an alarm still, check if the motor is overloaded.

3. Hydraulic pump motor overheated
Hydraulic pump phase loss or overload
In this situation, please press the reset button on the thermal relay to reset, after the hydraulic motor cools down.

4. Phase sequence protection fault
Phase sequence error or phase loss
In this situation, please change lines.

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